Certificate In Professional Sales & Performance Management



Course Introduction

The Professional Sales and Performance Management Certificate help sales professionals and startups acquire a tenacious attitude and appreciate MASSIVE Action as the secret to succeeding in their Sales Activities everyday. Successful participants will acquire sales tools and techniques that will ensure they Dominate their Marketplace with immense level of Activity backed up with skill sets that will ensure they raise the bar in their performance levels.

Every individual, startup, retail and corporate organization desires that their product/services are visible in the market place and that their Cash flow position is a positive one. This course is designed to develop outrageously aggressive individuals and organizations that are determined to acquire the competencies and Physical endurance to drive their sales figures upward consistently.
Course Objectives
The Course Aims to assist learners:
1. Gain valuable skillsets in endurance, Persistence and Tenacity that is required to succeed in the World of Sales
2. Understand what it takes to succeed in Sales in regards to the required Mindset and Attitude that will attract enthusiasm of the marketplace towards them and what they sell
3. Embrace the much needed Sales Skillsets right from the initial planning stage to Closing the business
4. Acquire tools within the Sales process that will make their sales life an exciting one which will help them become enduringly successful in their daily sales activity.


    Each participant will receive tools, videos, techniques and Guts quenching Action Activities that will enable them reach out to prospects enthusiastically and passionately without FEAR. This course will be offered by tutors loaded with Guts, Bravery and Charisma. Individuals who have succeeded in Sales in their startups as well as folks who have worked with multinational companies both locally and internationally and have built a successful lifestyle in Sales. You will be taught by the BEST and you will become the Best period!