The DCSI is a training organization with the main aim of providing the benchmark for the most practical Sales and Service Excellence solutions for progressive companies. We will help you learn from the best, network and train with some of the most powerful business brands and other Sales Directors across the World so as to understand the driving forces and innovation within the Sales Arena so that you can create the most relevant and competent Sales Organization.


Excellence: To champion, promote and advocate for sales skills superiority in individual and institutions in Africa, and beyond, in everything that we think, say or do.
Action-based Training: To be the beacon of action based training that provides practical tools of measurement in all sales concepts that will surely guarantee productive results to the individual and the organization they work with.Innovativeness: To encourage and promote an environment that nurtures individual and institutional innovativeness and creativity in sales & service excellence arena, freshness of thought and the spirit of exploration and discovery.
Entrepreneurship: To champion and support creation of new wealth and employment, through the spirit of entrepreneurship and simplified business development skill sets.
Collaboration: To seek and reach out to like minded individuals and institutions for collaborative and synergistic initiatives for the universal good of humankind.These collaborations will be in line with recruitment, placement, strategic and alliance.
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